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Women in GPS (WinG)

Caltech Women* in Geological & Planetary Science (WinG) is an organization dedicated to advocating for and advancing the status of women in geoscience fields at Caltech and beyond. We partner with the CCID and other "Women In" groups across campus.

*WinG uses an inclusive definition of women, which includes trans women, non-binary, and genderqueer folx and embraces experiences in intersection with other aspects of identity.

Regular events:

  • Monthly journal club discussions
  • Seminar speaker coffee chats
  • Social events (wine night, ice cream on the patio, etc.)

For updates or to get involved:

Leadership Team 2022-2023:
Women in GPS (WinG) Secretary and Geophysics Rep
Women in GPS (WinG) Treasurer and Geobiology Rep