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Undergraduate Requirements: Geological and Planetary Sciences Major

GPS Undergraduate Degree Requirements

The following core courses are required for all GPS option tracks:

  1. Ge 1 or Ge 11a
  2. Ge 11a, 11b, 11c, 11d
  3. A writing class, (at least three units)
  4. An oral presentation class (at least three units)
  5. Ma 2
  6. Ma 3 or Ge/Ay 117
  7. Ph 2a or Ph 12a
  8. One of Ph 2b, Ph 12b, Ph 2c, Ph 12c

Courses that cover both writing and presentation, e.g. En/Wr 84, that are at least 6 units may be counted towards requirements (3) and (4) above. Students that elect to use Ge 11a for requirement (1) may substitute an elective for Ge 11a in requirement (2). Assuming 3 units each for requirements (3) and (4), the total core requirements total 87 units; a writing course such as En/Wr 84 (9 units) would increase this to 90 units.

In addition to the core requirements stated above, the student may design a course of study, in consultation with their adviser, that satisfies the following requirements:

  1. 63 units of advanced Science, Mathematics, or Engineering outside GPS.
  2. 72 units of GPS elective coursework.

The combination of the core requirements and the 135 units of GPS major requirements should total no less than 222 units.

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Passing grades must be earned in a total of 486 units, including courses listed above. Any student whose grade-point average in science and mathematics courses is less than 1.9 at the end of an academic year may be refused permission to register in the geological and planetary science options.

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