Instrument Shop

CCE Instrumentation Shop and Student Machine Shop

    The CCE Instrument Shop in room 014 Church offers students design assistance for their optical or mechanical device designs while providing full machining services for ferrous & non-ferrous metals, stainless steels, refractory metals, plastics and machinable ceramics. We also offer micro-spot welding, silver-soldering & brazing, and T.I.G. (Tungsten Inert Gas) vacuum welding of stainless steel components.  Our sheet metal capabilities are 16 ga.thickness and 24" length/width. We have a Veeco MS-40 portable leak detector for your vacuum leak detection needs.

    The Student Machine Shop located in room 09 Church is available for students who have completed the CCE Student Shop Machining & Safety Course. Please contact Mike Roy at x-6057 or e-mail at Our hours are 8 am to 12 noon and 1pm to 5pm for both the Instrument Shop and Student Machine Shop.