Ge 111 ab

Applied Geophysics Seminar and Field Course

6 units (3-3-0); second term. Prerequisite: instructor’s permission. 9 units (0-3-6); spring break, third term. Prerequisite: Ge 111 a  | 
An introduction to the theory and application of basic geophysical field techniques consisting of a comprehensive survey of a particular field area using a variety of methods (e.g., gravity, magnetic, electrical, GPS, seismic studies, and satellite remote sensing). The course will consist of a seminar that will discuss the scientific background for the chosen field area, along with the theoretical basis and implementation of the various measurement techniques. The 4-5-day field component will be held in spring break, and the data analysis component is covered in Ge 111 b. May be repeated for credit with an instructor’s permission.
Instructors: Clayton, Simons

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