ESE 156

Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Biosphere

9 units (3-0-6)  |  first term
Prerequisites: ESE 101 or instructor's permission.
An introduction into methods to quantify trace gases as well as vegetation properties remotely (from space, air-borne or ground-based). This course will provide the basic concepts of remote sensing, using hands-on examples to be solved in class and as problem-sets. Topics covered include Absorption spectroscopy, measurement and modeling techniques, optimal estimation theory and error characterization, applications in global studies of biogeochemical cycles and air pollution/quality. This course is complementary to EE/Ae 157ab and Ge/EE/ESE 157c with stronger emphasis on applications for the atmosphere and biosphere. Students will work with real and synthetic remote sensing data (basic knowledge of a scripting language is advantageous, most of the examples will be in Julia). Not offered 2021-2022.
Instructor: Frankenberg

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