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Earle C. Anthony Professor of Geology and Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Geology ⋅ Geomorphology ⋅ Tectonics
Research Professor of Geophysics
Geophysics ⋅ Seismology ⋅ Tectonics
Professor of Geology, Emeritus
Geology ⋅ Tectonics
W. M. Keck Foundation Professor for Resource Geology, Emeritus
Geology ⋅ Stable Isotope Geochemistry ⋅ Tectonics
Professor of Geology and Geophysics
Geology ⋅ Geophysics ⋅ Marine Geophysics ⋅ Seismology ⋅ Tectonics
Joann Stock
Chandler Family Professor of Geology
Geology ⋅ Tectonics
Brian Wernicke