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Professorial Faculty in Geophysics

Professor of Seismology
Geophysics ⋅ Seismology
Professor of Geophysics; Divisional Academic Officer for Geological and Planetary Sciences
Rob Clayton
John E. and Hazel S. Smits Professor of Geophysics; Director, Seismological Laboratory
Professor of Engineering Seismology
Geophysics ⋅ Mechanics and Physics of Earthquakes ⋅ Seismology
Professor of Mineral Physics
Geophysics ⋅ High–pressure Mineral Physics
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Geophysics
Geophysics ⋅ Mechanics and Physics of Earthquakes
Nadia Lapusta
John W. and Herberta M. Miles Professor of Geophysics; Jet Propulsion Laboratory Chief Scientist
Geodynamics ⋅ Geophysics
Professor of Geology and Geophysics
Geology ⋅ Geophysics ⋅ Marine Geophysics ⋅ Seismology ⋅ Tectonics
Joann Stock
Professor of Geophysics
Vice President and Director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Professor of Aerospace and Geophysics
Michael M. Watkins
Assistant Professor of Geophysics