Tuesday, January 31, 2017
4:00 pm
South Mudd 365

Planetary Science Seminar

Dynamic ices in the outer solar system
Mike Sori, Postdoc, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona

Ices are abundant throughout the solar system. In this talk, I will describe how we apply observations and laboratory experiments of water ice on Earth to ices on other planets to learn about their geologic histories. I will focus on two bodies in the outer solar system. First, I will describe how glacial flow modeling can be applied to topography on Ceres to constrain its cryovolcanic history. Next, I will use ballistic transport modeling to argue that a 30-year-old mystery from the Voyager 2 flyby of Uranus is best explained by the presence of carbon dioxide ice on the largest Uranian moons. I will end by discussing prospects for using methodology from both parts of the talk in solving outstanding geologic questions on other bodies, such as Psyche and Kuiper Belt Objects.


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