Graduate Requirements: Geophysics Option

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In addition to general Institute and basic division requirements, the PhD candidate in geophysics must successfully complete the following coursework requirements:

  • Ge 109
  • Two of (Ge 101, Ge 103, Ge 104, or ESE 101, 102, 103) 
  • Either Ae/Ge/Me 160 ab, APh 105 ab, MS 115 ab or a subject equivalent  
  • Three of (Ge 161, Ge 162, Ge 163, Ge 164) and Ge 111ab, and the choice between a minor in any STEM field at Caltech or five additional 100- or 200-level science or mathematics courses

It is highly recommended that these courses be completed in the first two years. Graduate students are expected to apply for candidacy during the first term of their third year. Part of candidacy includes completing 135 units of the above-mentioned coursework with satisfactory grades.

To complete the course requirements, students have the choice between a minor in any STEM field (examples: Computational Science & Engineering, a different option within the Division of Geological & Planetary Sciences Graduate Program Requirements) or five additional 100/200 level science or math  courses. Students may substitute another course for a required course if they can demonstrate to the option representative that they have already had the material in the required course.

Units at Caltech nominally reflect the total hours a typical student will spend per week in the classroom, the lab and with homework. Thus, a nine unit course may involve three hours in the classroom, two hours in a laboratory and four hours doing homework each week.

For more information

For more information, visit the geophysics program website or contact option representative Jennifer Jackson.