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New educational module on earthquakes now on-line

Robert Tindol
The ever-changing Earth and the forces that make it so are the theme of a new Web-based educational module from the Southern California Earthquake Center.

New study explains motions of the Emerson fault in the years following the Landers earthquake

Robert Tindol
For geophysicists, the 7.3–magnitude Landers earthquake of June 28, 1992 has yielded much in terms of understanding the basic mechanisms of seismic events. A new study appearing in this week's Science provides a new model to explain why the ground near the fault gradually shifted the first few years after the main shock. The work could be used in the future for the analysis of earthquake hazard.?

Galileo data shows Jupiter's lightning associated with low-pressure regions

Robert Tindol

Images of Jupiter's night side taken by the Galileo spacecraft reveal that the planet's lightning is controlled by the large-scale atmospheric circulation and is associated with low-pressure regions.


Protecting wood frame buildings the goal of new earthquake grant to Caltech

Robert Tindol

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and California Office of Emergency Services announced today that $5.2 million in federal funds will be awarded to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) for a three-year multi-university project to reduce the losses to woodframe construction in future earthquakes. Protecting wood frame buildings the goal of new earthquake grant to Caltech


Crust of Tibetan Plateau is being squeezed by India and Asia, new study shows

Robert Tindol
Geophysicists have discovered why there are high plains and mountains in the Himalayas for trekkers to trek on. According to new data, the soft crust of the Tibetan Plateau is being squeezed like an accordion between the harder crusts of India and Asia.

Posthumous Paper by Gene Shoemaker Details Evidence of Comet Shower That Pummeled Earth 36 Million Years Ago

Robert Tindol
Geochemical evidence from a rock quarry in northern Italy indicates that a shower of comets hit Earth about 36 million years ago.

Geophysicists model the Cretaceous motions of Australia

Robert Tindol

The theory of plate tectonics says that Earth's crust has moved horizontally by thousands of miles over millions of years. For visual evidence, one need look no further than a map showing how nicely South America and Africa fit together.


Don Anderson Will Be Awarded the 1998 Crafoord Prize

Sue McHugh

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is to award the 1998 Crafoord Prize in geosciences, with special emphasis upon "the dynamics of the deeper parts of the Earth," to Don L. Anderson of the California Institute of Technology and to Adam M. Dziewonski from Harvard University for their fundamental contributions to our knowledge of the structures and processes in Earth's interior.


Geologists find more evidence for an active fault beneath downtown and east Los Angeles

Robert Tindol

Geologists report new evidence for a fault beneath Los Angeles that could cause damaging earthquakes in the future.