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Packard Foundation Gives Caltech $1 Million

Jill Perry
Caltech receives a $1 million grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation Science Program.

Snowball Earth episode 2.4 billion years ago was hard on life, but good for modern industrial economy, research shows

Robert Tindol
For the primitive organisms unlucky enough to be around 2.4 billion years ago, the first global freeze was a real wipeout, likely the worst in the history of life on Earth. Few of the organisms escaped extinction, and those that did were forced into an evolutionary bottleneck that altered the diversity of life for eons.

Thunderstorms found to be an energy source for Jupiter's Great Red Spot

Robert Tindol

PASADENA-Using data from the Galileo spacecraft currently in orbit around Jupiter, scientists have discovered that thunderstorms beneath the upper cloud cover are supplying energy to the planet's colorful large-scale weather patterns-including the 300-year-old Great Red Spot.


Largest Explosions in the Universe May Come from the Death of Massive Stars

Robert Tindol
Cosmic gamma-ray bursts, the brightest known explosions in the universe, may come from the fiery deaths of very massive stars in supernova explosions, a team of astronomers said today.