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Caltech's Joseph Kirschvink Receives Feynman Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Feynman Prize for Excellence in Teaching awarded to Joseph Kirschvink

Caltech Professor Emeritus Receives Prestigious German Scientific Honor

Deborah Williams-Hedges
Peter Wyllie, professor of geology, emeritus, at the California Institute of Technology, recently received the Leopold von Buch Medal, one of the highest scientific awards presented by the German Geological Society. This award, which was presented during the annual meeting in Kiel, Germany, is accompanied by honorary membership in the German Geological Society.

New Marine Science Program Will Use the World as Its Lab

New Environmental Science and Engineering program will span the fields of geology, engineering, and chemistry, and give undergraduates experience in field based research.

Caltech Professor Emeritus Receives Roebling Medal

Deborah Williams-Hedges
Former heavyweight boxing champion and dog-sled driver Peter Wyllie is adding a new accomplishment to his list of achievements—he has received the highest United States award in mineralogy. Wyllie, now a professor of geology, emeritus, at the California Institute of Technology, is the 2001 recipient of the Mineralogical Society of America's Roebling Medal, which is awarded for "scientific eminence as represented primarily by scientific publication of outstanding original research in mineralogy." The only other Caltech faculty member to receive this medal was Linus Pauling in 1967.

Scientists Watch Dark Side of the Moon to Monitor Earth's Climate

Robert Tindol
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