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Two Caltech Researchers Added to the Mars Science Laboratory Science Team

Kimm Fesenmaier

With the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) well on its way to Mars, the newest members of its science team have been announced. Two Caltech professors—Kenneth Farley and Bethany Ehlmann—are among 18 researchers who have been selected as funded participating scientists on the mission.


Stolper Honored by the Geochemical Society

Allison Benter

Edward M. Stolper, Caltech's provost and William E. Leonhard Professor of Geology, has been named the recipient of the Geochemical Society's V. M. Goldschmidt Award for 2012, the highest award of the international geochemical community.


Heather Knutson Receives AAS Cannon Award in Astronomy

Allison Benter

Caltech assistant professor of planetary science Heather Knutson has been named the recipient of this year's Annie J. Cannon Award in Astronomy by the American Astronomical Society (AAS). The award is given for outstanding research and promise for future research by a North American female astronomer within five years of receiving her PhD.


New Computer Model Explains Lakes and Storms on Titan

Marcus Woo
Caltech researchers have developed a computer model of the atmosphere and methane cycle of Saturn's largest moon, Titan. The model explains the origin of methane clouds and fog, as well as rainstorms and plentiful lakes of liquid methane on the planet.

Ironing Out the Details of the Earth's Core

Katie Neith
A team led by mineral-physics researchers at Caltech has honed in on how iron behaves under the conditions found in Earth's core by conducting extremely high-pressure experiments.

Rover Software Named NASA's Best of the Year

Kimm Fesenmaier

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has won NASA's 2011 Software of the Year accolade for software it developed that has enabled the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity to autonomously select interesting science targets to study with its cameras.


Caltech-Led Team of Astronomers Finds 18 New Planets

Marcus Woo

Discoveries of new planets just keep coming and coming. A team of astronomers led by scientists at Caltech have found 18 Jupiter-like planets in orbit around massive stars.


Moore Foundation Awards $6 Million for Research Leading to Earthquake Early Warning System

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has awarded $6 million to Caltech, UC Berkeley, and University of Washington, Seattle, to create a prototype earthquake early warning system for the Pacific Coast of the United States.


Caltech Geophysicist Joann Stock Receives KINGDOM Educational Software Grant

Allison Benter

Caltech Seismological Laboratory professor Joann Stock has been awarded a KINGDOM Software educational user license from Seismic Micro-Technology Inc.


Evidence of Ancient Lake in California's Eel River Emerges

Katie Neith

A catastrophic landslide 22,500 years ago dammed the upper reaches of northern California's Eel River, forming a 30-mile-long lake—which has since disappeared—and leaving a living legacy found today in the genes of the region's steelhead trout, according to scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and the University of Oregon.