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How Life on Earth Affected Its Inner Workings

Robert Perkins
A new analysis of old records reveals that the oxygenation of the deep ocean produced a chemical signature that was recycled into the mantle and ultimately imprinted on magmas that are the building blocks of continental crust.
Bucholz redox

Geobiology Student Selected for a Fulbright

Robert Perkins
Geobiology student Elise Cutts is headed to Denmark hoping to unravel a mystery about the oxygenation of Earth's oceans.
Elise Cutts

From Caltech Magazine: A Model Climate

Robert Perkins
Researchers from across the country are on a quest to improve computer models, which hold the key to understanding our climate and predicting its future.
graphic of a cloud on a computer screen

Scientists Identify Almost 2 Million Previously "Hidden" Earthquakes

Robert Perkins
Using powerful computers and a technique called template matching, scientists identify millions of previously unidentified tiny earthquakes.
Earthquake swarm

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Elects Caltech's John Grotzinger

Robert Perkins
John P. Grotzinger has been named to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
John Grotzinger

Watson Lecture Preview: Tapio Schneider

Sharon Kaplan
Clouds and Climate Tipping Points
Tapio Schneider

Exploring Environmental Solutions through Natural Sciences, Arts, and Culture

Lori Dajose
Senior Michelle Dan has received a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to study how biodiversity, art, agriculture, and indigenous cultures around the planet will inform human-caused environmental change.
Michelle Dan

NSF Director France Córdova to Speak at Caltech's 125th Commencement Ceremony

Davin Malasarn
The distinguished astrophysicist, director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), and Caltech alumna (PhD '79), will give the keynote speech at Caltech's 2019 Commencement ceremony on June 14.
Headshot of France Córdova

Evidence for a Human Geomagnetic Sense

Robert Perkins
Geoscientists and neurobiologists team up to explore how humans respond to Earth's magnetic field.
Brainwave data

Edward M. Stolper to Receive the Wollaston Medal

Robert Perkins
Edward Stolper receives Geological Society of London's highest honor.
Edward Stolper