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Evidence for a Human Geomagnetic Sense

Robert Perkins
Geoscientists and neurobiologists team up to explore how humans respond to Earth's magnetic field.
Brainwave data

Edward M. Stolper to Receive the Wollaston Medal

Robert Perkins
Edward Stolper receives Geological Society of London's highest honor.
Edward Stolper

Fast, Simple New Assessment of Earthquake Hazard

Robert Perkins
Coupling GPS and satellite images with computer modeling yields a new way of assessing seismic risk
Graphic representation of measuring a fault's strain

Caltech Announces the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

Caltech has announced five recipients of this year's Distinguished Alumni Award.
photo of the Distinguished Alumni Award medal

More Support for Planet Nine

Robert Perkins
Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin offer further clues about Planet Nine.
Planets to scale

High CO2 Levels Can Destabilize Marine Layer Clouds

Robert Perkins
Computer modeling shows that marine stratus clouds could disappear if atmospheric CO2 levels climb high enough, raising global temperatures.
clouds in the San Francisco Bay

JPL News: NASA's Opportunity Rover Mission on Mars Comes to End

Opportunity's mission is at an end after almost 15 years exploring Mars.

Famed Oceanographer Walter Munk (BS '39, MS '40) Dead at 101

Elise Cutts
Caltech mourns the passing of alumnus and famed oceanographer Walter Munk.
Walter Munk

Q&A: Creating a "Virtual Seismologist"

Elise Cutts
Geologists and engineers team up to apply artificial intelligence to seismology.

Murray Lab Helps Scientists See Themselves on Mars

Robert Perkins
Scientists take the decision of where to send a $2.1 billion rover seriously. The Murray Lab gives them the tools to make an informed choice.
Jezero Crater