Victor C. Tsai

Professor of Geophysics
B.S., California Institute of Technology, 2004; A.M., Harvard University, 2006; Ph.D., 2009. Assistant Professor, Caltech, 2011-17; Professor, 2017-.

My research lies mainly at the intersection of seismology, geomechanics and other disciplines like glaciology, oceanography, and mathematical geophysics. One of my primary goals is to understand sources of ambient seismic noise and how these sources can be used to provide constraints on Earth structure (e.g., through ambient noise tomography) and other physical processes (e.g., sea ice interactions with ocean waves). I am also working to understand the short-timescale variability of glaciers and, in particular, am modeling rapid drainage of water in glaciers and the implications of this drainage. In addition, I am interested in improving seismic imaging techniques and geophysical time series analysis.

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