Joann M. Stock

Professor of Geology and Geophysics
B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1981; M.S., 1981; Ph.D., 1988. Visiting Assistant Professor, Caltech, 1990; Associate Professor, 1992-98; Professor, 1998-.

Ongoing Research in Tectonics

Joann Stock's research interests involve a wide range of tectonic problems, including global and regional plate tectonic questions, and geological and geophysical field studies related to plate boundary evolution. Examples of several studies being pursued by her research group can be found by clicking on the links under "More Information" to the right.

Current Project

I sailed as co-chief scientist on IODP Expedition 367 to the South China Sea Rifted Margin (Feb. 9 to April 9, 2017).  This is a two-expedition project, so Expedition 368 is continuing the 2nd half of the work now.  Check back later to see what we found out about the continent-ocean transition!


Note to undergraduate students interested in applying for summer internships:
I cannot take any new interns in the months of May or June. If you send me an email asking about this, I will know you have not read my web site.

If you are an undergraduate (NOT in a combined master's program) and you are available to come for an internship during the time of the Caltech SURF program (mid June to mid August) then you have to apply through the SURF program in January or early February each year.  I do not have any SURF opportunities posted right now.


Selected Publications