Graduate Requirements: Planetary Science

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In addition to general Institute and basic division requirements, candidates for a PhD in planetary science must satisfy the following coursework requirements: Ge 101, Ge 102, and courses in Planetary Formation and Dynamics (Ge/Ay 133), Planetary Atmospheres (Ge/ESE 150), Planetary Interiors (Ge 131), and Planetary Surfaces (Ge 151). In addition, students shall successfully complete 45 units of 100 level or higher courses in a coherent field of specialization. This requirement may be satisfied by completion of a subject minor or through a set of courses chosen in consultation with and approved by the adviser and the option representative. All candidates are expected to possess a knowledge of physics and mathematics at the levels of Ph 106 and ACM 95. This requirement may be met by previous course work or through successful completion of these classes.

Units at Caltech nominally reflect the total hours a typical student will spend per week in the classroom, the lab and with homework. Thus, a nine unit course may involve three hours in the classroom, two hours in a laboratory and four hours doing homework each week.

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For more information, visit the planetary science program website or contact option representative Bethany Ehlmann.