Francois Tissot (arriving September 2018)

My current research focuses on three broad problematics: (1) the formation and evolution of the Solar System, (2) the reconstruction of paleo-redox conditions in the ocean/atmosphere system, and (3) the potential of non-traditional stable isotopes for studying magmatic processes. These elemental and isotopic investigations are carried out by combining wet chemistry sample preparation in a clean laboratory environment, high-precision isotopic analyses on Multi-Collector Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometer (or MC-ICPMS) ± Laser ablation, and interpretation of the data using physically based models.
Examples of research projects include, but are not limited to:
- understanding the origin of nucleosynthetic anomalies preserved in meteorites and planets,
- understanding how chondrules (which make up to 80% of some meteorites) formed,
- developing new isotope systematics to track magmatic, mantle, and crustal evolution and mixing,
- constraining the redox state of the ocean throughout Earth's history, and in particular during the so-called "boring billion",
- finding ways to harness the current (and future) precision of isotopic measurements for medical applications.
I am always looking for motivated researchers at all levels (undergraduates, graduates students and postdoctoral scholars) with a strong background in basic science to work with and go after exciting geo- and cosmochemical questions. If you are interested in a position in my group, don't hesitate to contact me!
  • Francois Tissot
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