• Ge136c Rainbow Basin 2013
  • Pahoehoe Trip 2013
  • Antarctica Trip 2012
  • Iceland 2014
  • Mount St. Helens Trip 2011
  • Peru Field Trip
  • Mount St. Helens Trip 2011
  • Ge121b Field Trip to New Mexico
  • Ge121b Field Trip to New Mexico
  • Ge121a Field Work 2013
  • Ge121 - San Rafael Swell, Utah
  • Ge136a2 Field Trip

Field Trips

Field trips (also referred to as fieldwork) are a significant component of the GPS academic programs. Our students take faculty-led trips to such nearby locations as Death Valley and the San Gabriel Mountains and to more distant places, such as Hawaii and Asia; these expeditions give students firsthand experiences with—and understanding of—geological phenomena most people never encounter outside of a laboratory or classroom.

For more information on GPS's field trip classes, and its fieldwork policies and guidelines, see the links below.