Wednesday, November 13, 2013
4:00 pm
South Mudd 365

Environmental Science and Engineering Seminar

(A Chemist’s) Exploration of the Potential Atmospheric Impacts of Carbonaceous Aerosol
Jon Abbatt, Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto

Although the formation processes of atmospheric carbonaceous aerosol particles, in particular those containing secondary organic materials, have become much better understood in the past decade, there is still considerable uncertainty with regards to the impacts that such particles may have on the atmosphere.  In this talk, I will describe experiments that address aspects of these potential climate and health impacts.  In particular, the ability of secondary organic materials to promote cloud formation and to participate in the direct absorption of sunlight will be examined.  As well, we have studied how these secondary organic materials may affect both the lifetimes of toxic species and their production.  The focus is on new laboratory studies conducted in our lab, largely in the past year or so.

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