Dealing with Spam and Other Junk Email

An unfortunate "feature" of the modern Internet is junk email of various kinds. This not only includes unsolicited commercial email ("spam"), but also attempts to recruit people into criminal schemes, messages sent by mass-mailing viruses, and messages sent by misconfigured email scanning programs to an innocent person claiming that that innocent person sent a virus or piece of spam. To this can be added plain old harassment, by a person who keeps sending you email you don't want in a way that's hard to filter.

Please take a moment to read our Facts About Junk Email page. 


Things you can do about junk email

GPS runs an automated program that analyzes all email that comes in to our mail servers which looks for various spam-like features and assigns a number of points to each one. If a message is assigned a certain threshold number of points, it's subject line is appended with "[BULK]" as well as a special header indicating it is probably spam. You can then configure your computer's local email program, to file away such messages into a "spam" folder so you can check them to be sure they are not real email, and then delete them in bulk. This system is not 100% perfect (especially as spammers learn to evade it), but GPS is committed to keeping our spam flagging service up-to-date to maximize its effectiveness.

For more information about setting up mail filters on your mail client please see our web page about Spam Mail Filtering.